Q1. What is a Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

A: A tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires on various types of vehicles. TPMS report real-time tire-pressure information to the driver of the vehicle, either via a gauge, a pictogram display, or a simple low-pressure warning light. TPMS can be divided into two different types – direct (dTPMS) and indirect (iTPMS). TPMS are provided both at an OEM (factory) level as well as an aftermarket solution. The target of a TPMS is avoiding traffic accidents, poor fuel economy, and increased tire wear due to under-inflated tires through early recognition of a hazardous state of the tires. (Ref to Wikipedia)
Q2. What is a direct TPMS?

A: Direct TPMS employ pressure sensors on each wheel, either internal or external. The sensors physically measure the tire pressure in each tire and report it to the vehicle's instrument cluster or a corresponding monitor. Some units also measure and alert temperatures of the tire as well. These systems can identify under-inflation in any combination, be it one tire or all, simultaneously.
Q3. What is a direct TPMS (dTPMS) with internal sensors mounted?

A: A direct Internal TPMS has the sensors mounted on the inside of the rims and the batteries are not exchangeable. It has the advantages of better data precision, anti-theft protection and longer battery life. However consumer does require a professional tire dealer to install the sensors to inside of the rims.
Q4. Why a TPMS is needed for the vehicle?

A: Punctured tires rank No. 1 death rate in car accident and an abnormal tires pressure will result in a higher tire puncture rate by three times. A TPMS will monitor abnormal tire pressure to prevent potential risks of punctured tires, therefore TPMS is now a regulated a standard system by law for in many countries.
Q5. Is TPMS waterproof? Will it be damaged when soaking in the water?

A: Yes, Beamingnet TPMS has been made and seal with IP67 waterproof standard, so it will not be damaged when soaking in the water.
Q6. How long is the battery life for internal TPMS? Can user change the battery by himself/herself ?

A: Since that Beamingnet TPMS has used the latest Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, the battery life can last up to 5 years. And He or She can not change the battery by himself/herself due to the fact that the senor was sealed in accordance to IP67 standards, thus there is a high risk of sensor been damaged when users try to replace the batteries.
Q7. What Operational System does the Bluetooth TPMS APP support?

A:The Bluetooth TPMS support both iOS and Android from Google Ply Store and Apple Store for free downloads.
Q8.What are the certifications been grated for Beamingnet Bluetooth TPMS?

A:Beamingnet TPMS has been certified with NCC, BSMI, CE and FCC, making sure that the quality and design fulfills the regulation standards
Q9. What are the benefits to install the Bluetooth TPMS?

A:Enhance Fuel efficiency,Extend tire life,Reduce damage on the suspension,Prevent potential risk of punctured tires,Enhance driving comfort
Q1. Why my battery level reduces when the phone has connected to a charger?

A: Firstly, please check if your charger functions normally, or there is a very big chance that internal wires has been damage, please purchase a new charging cable for your phone.
Q2. What does 2.4A support in the package??

A: When the package has listed with 2.4A, it means that cable can support phone or tablet to charge at max of 2.4A. However please noted that the cable itself does not support quick charge function by itself, it need a charger built in with quick charging function to reach a quick charging efficiency.
Q3. Why does a lightning cable need an Apple Mfi certification?

A: With the logo of “Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod” legally shown on the package, it means that the lightning cable are certified for Apple’s official safety standard for charging cable and it will NOT show unidentified device when connect the charging cable to your iPhone, iPad or iPods.
Q4. What are the advantages of a reversible Micro USB cable?

A: The reversible Micro USB cable from Beaminingnet is easy to use. You don’t need to check if the cable is connected in the right direction and never have to worry about to damage the phone connector when plug to charge the phones or tables at dark.

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